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The Value Factor
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Quality landscaping is a sound investment, the value of which grows each year, along with your plantings, providing beauty, shade and privacy. In fact, when done well, it increases the value of your home by 20%, far more than kitchen or bathroom improvements, according to Money magazine!
An investment that is so much a part of your life must be professionally designed and created for the maximum enjoyment and value. But before you consult with a professional, determine how much you want to invest in your landscape. When hiring a landscape expert, remember to look for quality, value, expertise, and service - not just low cost.
Landscaping actually adds value to the entire neighborhood. Just as a neglected property brings down nearby property values, a well-maintained landscape adds to the desirability of the area, and everyone can enjoy the beauty.
Ask your landscape expert at Ayers Landscape to show you ideas for outdoor living areas that work best with your lifestyle and your pocketbook. Then sit back and enjoy your landscape, and watch your investment grow.
Our Design Philosophy
Our goal is to create outdoor spaces as a natural extension of architecture that respond to our clients' specific needs and values. In the purist sense - the result is form following function. Susan Ayers, LLA, strives to create a well balanced arrangement of outdoor spaces integrating architecture to the landscape. By staging the design/build process, Ayers Landscape works with the client in advising and guiding them through design concepts and plan development. Once the Master Plan is put into effect, the client is able to increase the enjoyment of their home by Ayers Landscape creating that special inviting environment that expands interior living spaces by complementing them with beautiful outdoor living spaces.
Plan for Today and Tomorrow
As children grow up, sandboxes and swings outgrow their use. Outdoor recreation areas or gardening activities that were once favorite hobbies may outlive your abilities to maintain them.
Therefore, when creating personal outdoor living spaces, Ayers Landscape cautions homeowners to realize that they bear the effect of time, and should be re-evaluated regularly to meet changing lifestyles.
While interests may change, however, there are still straightforward principles to support the design of outdoor areas. The better you understand your eating, working, socializing, playing and lounging habits, the better you equip your home - inside and out - for these lifestyle choices. Just as you look for practical, flexible, and distinctive living arrangements to tap the full potential of your homes interior, so too can you do the same in outside environments... and actually improve the quality of life. Ayers Landscape assists their clients in arriving at these objectives.
Value Added Service
To get the most enjoyment from the outdoor living spaces, we view them as places which reflect your individual personality, rather than a collection of things outside your home. Working with Ayers Landscape, your design/build expert, makes all the difference in facilitating these efforts through their commitment to design programming.
Our Business Philosophy
Our progressive landscape design firm @ Ayers Landscape is equipped to handle the entire process, offering a wide range of professional expertise in planning, design, resources, and installations. As design/builders we are responsible for implementing our design and maintenance concerns for the clients. Susan Ayers, LLA, personally plans, coordinates, and supervises all aspects of her clients' projects. High quality materials are used by the designer to accomplish the intended design. Ayers Landscape uses a time honored professional approach to phasing landscape projects through proper sequencing, communication and construction methods, resulting in savings, assuring proper construction and plan compliance.
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